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Prices/Deposits for American Golden Puppies.

$1200.00 for Golden Retriever Puppies.
This includes limited AKC Registration 

A $200.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your puppy until pick up. We do not accept checks for final payment on pick up day,cash only.

Since covid started we have changed how we do puppy picks. We do not have puppy picks at 6 weeks of age anymore. Puppy picks will be at 8 weeks of age on the day they go home. I will schedule everyone a half an hour time slot to sit and play with the pups and make your pick. I understand a lot of people have a long drive but it is important you get here within your time slot. The times will start about 10 am with the first pick and continue every half hour going down the list of puppy picks. We do post individual pictures of puppies. Also some video on our facebook page, Wolfcreek Golden Retrievers. If by chance the first pick chooses their puppy from online pictures then we will contact the next person in puppy pick order and they have the option to choose from online. If they don't, than the online picking stops with them. It is important you consider how puppy picks are done and that you are comfortable with that. If you are not, you need to consider that we may not be the breeder you are looking for.

Our puppies go to their new home at 8 weeks of age. They are microchipped, dewormed, vaccinated and vet checked. They also have a fecal check done at 6 weeks of age by the vet. They will be sent home with enough puppy food to transition them to the food of your choice. We suggest gradually mixing the new food in with the puppy food they are currently on through out a weeks time until completely transitioned to the new food. If you switch them over right away and do not follow the recommended guidelines it may cause digestive issues for your puppy. Going to a new home is a lot for a puppy to adjust to without adding tummy upset and diarrhea. So if at all possible we suggest keeping them on Nutrisource puppy chow. There are feeding guidelines on the back of the bag. We suggest starting with a half cup three times a day. 
Also those who get a female puppy, make sure you are keeping their bottom clean. They squat low to the ground to pee and can pick up dirt and bacteria which can cause a UTI. We suggest keeping the hair trimmed if it gets too long and wiping the area with a baby wipe after urinating if it looks dirty.
Our puppies are also sent home with a puppy blanket from the whelping bed with mom and siblings scent on it. 
We also send home a beef bone, the same ones they are given with us. So it is not new to them. They work great once empty to fill with peanut butter. Although once the bone starts to wear thin it needs to be thrown away so the puppy can not break any pieces off and digest them. We do not recommend raw hide bones or rope toys, they can be very dangerous.
In your puppy bag you will also get a folder with your AKC or CKC paperwork, vet record and receipt for purchase of your puppy. This folder is convenient to keep all puppy records together or in a file box.
Lastly, we DO NOT remove dew claws. I suggest if you consider getting a puppy with them removed, do your research! A lot of people are unaware of the issues it can cause.
We welcome anyone that takes home a puppy from us, to call or message us with any questions. We are here to help if we can. Although if it is a medical issue, we are not a vet and you should call your veterinarian immediately.
We also suggest the snuggle puppy as a calming toy for them the first night in their new home. It can be found on amazon for around $30 dollars. We have heard great success stories from some of our puppy families that have purchased this.
We hope this information helps with the transition of taking home your new family member! Any questions, please reach out to us.

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